Monday, March 14, 2022

New Generation visiting St Augustine, Florida - Pt 1

As a photographer I have been asked to capture so many special moments and events.

This one was extra fun.

 To capture a new generation exploring the oldest town in the USA for the first time.
St Augustine, Florida has a rich history and so much to see. 

But when someone has family roots there and has spent most of their childhood summers in these streets, the memories and stories are even more special and personal.

So while visiting from Tennessee for Spring Break, she asked me to accompany her as she took her 3 young children for their first ever visit to this amazing historic town.

We explored the side streets.

Enjoyed the street entertainment

Enjoyed the view with a little help.

And rested our feet and watched the boats.

And that was all before lunch...

Pt 2 of this fun day was mom's favorite beach.


New Generation visiting St Augustine, Florida - Pt 2


Crescent Beach
St Aug, Florida

A little peak at behind the scenes, mom giving them the
"don't get your pretty clothes wet" talk.

And of course they all listened so well. 

After getting their fill of fun, sun and surf,

Rinsed off under the showers and changed in the parking lot...As you do at the beach.

Then it was time to take off back home. <3

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